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These pages are for some of the many stories related by Bailey Engineers - the sort of tales recounted over drinks, which in turn bring back memories of other escapades. War stories can be any episodes from Bailey staff battling for business or trying to keep things going in difficult circumstances! Over to you! Send your stories to We will polish them up for publication (and edit them to protect the innocent!)

OK - I’ll start off  with what happens to be a real War story. When I first joined Bailey’s in 1962 there was an old boy there called Ron Pryke. He told me how, while he was on ARP duty in the offices during an air raid, he watched in horror as a bomb penetrated one of the huge gas-holders across the road. He thought it was the end for him, but all that happened was that the gas ignited and a flame burned steadily as the gas holder emptied!

At last! Stories from the field are coming in! Click on one of the links below to read them….

Hey Ho! Hey Ho! It’s off to work we go.

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Go East, young man.