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Dear Friends,


Happy New Year !  Welcome to the Bailey Meters Reunion Newsletter for 2016.  I hope you all had a healthy year in 2015 and were not adversely affected by the unprecedented levels of rainfall experienced across the country throughout the year.  As far as I know, none of our former colleagues have had to endure the heartbreaking flooding experienced in the northern counties of England and in Wales and Scotland

The Reunion Meeting 2015.

As announced in the 2015 Newsletter, due to reduced attendances, only one reunion meeting was arranged for the year.  This was held on 24th October.  I am pleased to report that 23 former employees attended and enjoyed the afternoon in the 1st floor meeting room which provided a more comfortable environment than our recent reunions.

As usual, the raffle was well supported and special thanks to those who donated prizes.  The raffle itself raised £ 52.00, and £ 14.00 was collected for refreshments, which really does help with the running costs and postal charges.  

Familiar Faces

Despite the reduced attendances at our reunions, it’s good to see old colleagues at the meetings who we haven’t seen for some time and spend a couple of hours catching-up with recent news from each other and reminiscing about past experiences.  

If you haven’t managed to attend in recent years, why not come along to the meeting this year and perhaps re-new some old acquaintances?  You will be most welcome.


News of Bailey Colleagues

During 2015, I have been in contact with a number of our former colleagues, all of whom  have sent greetings, including Patsy Reeves, Dave and Ken Nottage, Bill Mason, Dave and Jo Lindsley and Ian Johnson. Trevor and Shirley Jones had hoped to attend the reunion in October but unfortunately they were not able to make it – see later text. Carol Paddock advised that she has recently been in touch with Terry McDevitt and Malcolm Webb and they both hope to attend the next reunion.

I am also pleased to convey best wishes from two former colleagues who are both in their 90’s, who have been in contact during 2015, as follows.

Don Edwards.

I had a lovely chat on the phone with Don recently.  Don worked in Contracts Department for many years.  He remains very active and uses a push-bike for local journeys.  

Don is also still playing bowls regularly, though he prefers the indoor variety these days.  He also enjoys cruises in the warmer weather and will no doubt be looking forward to another one – or two – in 2016.  Don sends his regards to all of his old colleagues.

Doug West.

I am still in contact with Doug West, who worked in the panel estimation section of the Proposals Department.  Doug has had some heart problems but he still enjoys his ballroom dancing every week.  For many years, Doug drove from his home in Gloucestershire to Caterham for our reunion meetings.  He sends his regards to us all.

On the downside

As you may recall from the 2015 Newsletter, 2014 was a very sad year for us  --  we lost                                  10 of our former colleagues in 12 months.  Unfortunately, I have the sad duty to tell you that since January, 2015, 6 more Bailey Meters employees have passed away.  

In February, Colin Carter died suddenly of a stroke whilst at home.  He was in his 90’s.

I’m sure many of you would have worked in conjunction with Colin at some time.

He joined Bailey Meters in 1947, working initially in the Drawing Office. Later, he moved to the Contracts Department and was responsible for several large power station projects including Ferrybridge, Cockenzie and Ratcliffe in the UK and Shuiba in Kuwait.  

In the mid 1960’s, Colin was appointed as Manager of the Service Department, taking

over from Peter Gill.  He initiated the reorganisation of the department, introducing new procedures and recruiting additional staff and created a significant profit centre for the company.  

In the early 1970’s, Colin was appointed as Manager of Production Control where his significant organisational skills were put to use resolving some challenging production problems for the company.  He maintained this vital role until he retired in 1988, when

the Purley Way factory closed.  Colin’s funeral was well attended by a cross-section of his Bailey Meters colleagues, including Derek Bird who delivered a fitting Eulogy.

I am also sad to report that Cliff Masson passed away on the 6th July, 2015.

He celebrated his 90th birthday earlier in the year.

Cliff was born and raised in India.  He served in the Air Force as an engineer, becoming

a specialist on Rolls Royce ‘Merlin’ engines.  He also worked for Burma–Shell and ICI.  

In 1956, Cliff came to UK and joined Bailey Meters in 1957, working initially in the Stores.  He later moved to Production Control and then to Internal Sales.  Cliff was a familiar face at Purley Way and was a very popular colleague.

In the 1980’s, the company started to down-size and Cliff took voluntary redundancy in 1986.  He later worked for Trembath in Waddon until he retired.

In mid December, 2015, I learned that Trevor Jones had passed away.  After a long battle

with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, Trevor suffered a heart attack which he didn’t survive.

Trevor was a well respected engineer at Bailey Meters for many years and was popular with all of his colleagues.  Aside from his undoubted technical skills, he had the ability to memorize many pages of nomenclature of the equipment the Company manufactured – a walking data-base who was constantly in demand.

After the closure of 218 Purley Way in the late 1980’s, Trevor was an enthusiastic member of the Bailey Meters Reunion Club and in 2001, following the passing of Fred Martin, he volunteered to fulfill the role of Club Secretary.  He performed this task with distinction for nine years, reluctantly retiring at the age of 80 – a final flourish to a great career with the Company.   

Trevor’s funeral took place at Sussex and Surrey Crematorium at Balcombe Road,

Crawley, West Sussex, on the 22nd December, 2015, which would have been his 86th Birthday.  Margaret Monery, John Ollington, Mike Douglas and I joined Shirley and her family at the Service.  A donation will be made by the Bailey Meters Reunion Club to

Cross Roads Care (Surrey) in Trevor’s memory.

Since completing and posting the hard-copy of the 2016 Newsletter, I have received  further sad news, as follows :-

Just before Christmas, 2015, I received a letter from the son of Geoff Groves, whom I had been trying to contact during the year.  Apparently, Geoff had been unwell following a further stroke and this had significantly impaired his mobility. He was admitted to a nursing home in Horley, West Sussex and although in considerable discomfort, Geoff was looking forward to Christmas.  

Unfortunately, on the 12th January, 2016, I received an update from Geoff junior to advise that Geoff passed away on Christmas eve.  I was able to attend Geoff’s funeral on 15th January 2016 on behalf of Bailey Meters Reunion Club and to pay our last respects to our former colleague.

On 17th January, 2016, Barbra Hooson contacted me by e-mail to let me know that her dad, Percy Wadey, died suddenly on the 8th July, 2015. He was 92.

Percy lived in Caterham and after serving in the Royal Air Force he joined Bailey Meters

In the early 1950’s.  He worked as a Service Engineer in the London area for the Service Department between the late 1950’s and the early 1980’s, specialising on pneumatic control systems. The projects he worked on include Lots Road Power Station (which supplied electricity for the London Underground system) and a variety of process plants including Heinz Foods, British Cellophane, Mobil Coryton and Shellhaven.  Percy also worked on HMS Triumph and several RFA support vessels.

Percy was a great mentor and took the time to pass-on his extensive knowledge to the younger engineers who were privileged to work with him.  He was able to put this skill to even greater use in the later years of his career when he worked in the training school as an instructor.  After he retired, Percy worked freelance for a while for East Surrey Water

He had a mischievous sense of humour and certainly knew his stuff.  He will be remembered as a great servant to the Company and to the Service Department.

Roger Gillett contacted me recently with the sad news that Colin Attwood had died in the last few days.  He had been receiving treatment for bowel cancer.

Colin was a qualified Marine Engineer and joined Bailey Meters in the 1970’s as an Applications Engineer in Marine Systems.  He was involved with many of the Company’s  

projects during his career in the Systems Department.

Colin loved the outdoor life and was a keen gardener.  For a while, he took a break from engineering to work in horticulture but his engineering background eventually lured him back to Bailey Meters where he resumed his role as a much valued systems design engineer until the department closed down.

Another great colleague whose experience and persona we are so sorry to lose.

Our sincere condolences go to the families and friends of our former colleagues who will all be sadly missed.

Back to more pleasant news

We are still receiving regular requests from around the world for spares kits for Bailey actuators, pneumatic controllers and replacement modules for Bailey electronic systems.  

Many of these requests have arrived via the baileycroydon website, along with some interesting comments, input and information requests from respondents around the world.  

Recently, the website was contacted by Nigel Aslin, a son of Eric Aslin, who was, I believe, Contracts Manager at Bailey Meters in the 1970’s.  Nigel’s letter recounted some anecdotes from one of the Company’s most productive era’s and demonstrates the unique value of the website and the world-wide accessibility it provides.  The content of Nigel’s message is on the baileycroydon website.   

If you have any photographs of a past Bailey event or have news of a Bailey Meters employee that you would like to share, why not contact the website?  Alternatively, post the material to Dave Lindsley or myself, or just phone if that would be more convenient.

As always, thanks to Dave Lindsley for editing and maintaining the website content.

Alan Boot.

A number of colleagues have asked if we have any news of Alan Boot.  Unfortunately,  

I have received no updates from Tom Boot for some while.  I can only assume that Alan is still being cared for in the care home in Caterham and being treated for his illness.  If I do receive any news about Alan, I will pass it on as soon as I can.

Future Meetings

Due to our dwindling numbers, I’m re-floating the idea that it may be more appropriate, sometime in the future, to arrange our get-togethers as a pub lunch.  This would not incur a hire charge for the venue and the location and frequency could be fixed, or vary from time to time, depending on popular demand.  

If you know of a suitable establishment in an accessible location, please get in touch.

Any other suggestions would be welcome.  

Next Meeting

However, for our reunion meeting in 2016, I am pleased to confirm that the venue will be unchanged, ie.,

Meeting Room 4, 1st floor,

Harestone Hall,

Caterham United Reform Church,

Harestone Hill,



CR3 6SX.  

This is a short distance from Caterham Railway Station and local bus services.  If travelling by car, there is limited parking at the hall and permitted parking in adjacent roads.

The 2016 Reunion is booked for Saturday, 22nd October, 2016, from 2 PM until 5 PM

Contact by e-mail

If you have recently set-up an e-mail address, please let me know it by sending me an

e-mail message to the address at the top of this Newsletter.

Finally, I wish everyone a safe and healthy 2016 and hope to see you soon.

Best regards to you all,

Geoff Pec.