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October 15, 2009: Colin Baker in New Zealand has a vast collection of old Bailey manuals.

October 22,2009: Bert Stanley writes: "My name is Albert Stanley, though Bert will do. I joined B.M.C. in December 1945 and left in June 1973. I moved to Canada and worked for Stone and Webster until 1979. I freelanced until 1985 and retired. I now live in London, Ontario."

November 6, 2009: Brian Smith sends a picture of apprentices and writes: "Three of the (pictured apprentices) attended the last get together, ie B Smith R Tomlin and J.Clarke. I would ... like to thank Trevor for his work in running the meetings for so long and thank Geoff for taking over this task for which we are all very grateful.and look forward to future meetings. We do enjoy the "All our yesterdays chats". Hope the website is a success and gives more reminders of the past. All the best Brian Smith."

November 10, 2009: Another picture from Brian Smith who says:

L-R  Peter Steeples, John Clarke, Graham Abbott,Brian Smith. ? ( Tony Ayres). Roy Greenwood. Roy went to play for Crystal Palace football Team in the defence, he was nicknamed " The Flying Bedstead " for his propensity to launch himself through the air to head the ball at all opportunities.

November 20, 2009: A message from Chris Jones: "My father, Brindley Stevens Jones - known as 'Brin' worked at Bailey Meters from approx 1964 -1968. He died in 1968 when I was ten. I'm hoping to hear from anybody who knew him at work and who could tell me something about him. Unfortunately, I only have fleeting memories of him so I would value any recollections? I believe he knew someone called 'Marney' at Bailey's who moved to Scotland in 1967. Hope some of  you may remember him?!!"